Whatever you need to produce, I can help you with your cinematography needs. I have my own cinema camera and a basic lighting kit.

Director of Photography

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Cinematographer - DP - Director of Photography

What does a DP do?

The Cinematographer, or (DP) Director of photography, is responsible for the look, deciding the camera, lens, lighting equipment and crew.

The DP is an artist who designs the lighting of each shot and instructs the crew as to where to place the lights and camera equipment.

The DP and director work together to create and stylized look that would serve the story. It is imperative that they work together to create the camera placements, movements, and lighting schemes that would visually enhance the story.

Creating a good film is more than just recording a scene, a skilled DP will take care of your production so that it looks professional and well crafted.


What do you need to have ready?

Before contacting a DP, you need to determine the look or style of your film. You need to be able to tell the DP the look and feel you are trying to create. You can make use of painting or photograph. You can also work together into finding the best look, but having a solid idea of the style you want to achieve would help both.

Let's work together and find the best look and style for your film!

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